lga 4189 es el último socket para la próxima generación de xeon cpus de intel - Lga

LGA 4189 es el último zócalo para la próxima generación de CPU Xeon de Intel

TE Connectivity, the maker of various kinds of connectivity solutions for computer systems, has released its latest iteration of the LGA socket for the next generation of Xeon Scalable CPUs. Being validated by Intel, the LGA 4189-4 and LGA 4189-5 are going to power the next generation of 10 nm Xeon CPUs, based on the Ice Lake architecture, and up to 56-core 2nd generation Xeon Scalable CPUs. While there are two models of the socket, TE Connectivity didn't reveal what the differences are between them. Socket P4 (LGA 4189-4) and P5 (LGA 4189-5) also feature exactly the same pin count, 0.9906 mm hex pitch and 2.7 mm SP height, so we can only speculate that the '4' or '5' in the revision is supposed to indicate details like higher power delivery capability or support for Ice Lake CPUs.

Además de proporcionar un nuevo socket para Ice Lake, estos sockets son compatibles con PCI-Express Gen 4.0 y memoria de ocho canales (las configuraciones de memoria compatibles dependen del proveedor), lo que significa que estamos obteniendo dos canales de memoria más que las CPU Xeon anteriores con un Estándar PCIe más rápido y más nuevo.
Source: AnandTech